Looking for some great reads?? Whether it’s for you or a great gift for a friend or family member, these books will inspire your life!  Just click on the book titles to be brought to their  purchase links. Thanks for the support!

hearts flowHeart’s Flow is the result of a very frustrating talk I had with God as I sat on the ledge of frustration that had been building up for years. It’s thirty days of God taking me down memory lane while helping me to gain a new perspective on my present situations. It’s a journey to the other side of the mountain where I finally let go of all the frustrations and simply learned to be grateful to God for doing what He has always done best – in the way He chooses to do it.

estherUnlocking the Warrior from Within: From obscurity to the throne, the book of Esther is a prime example of the unlimited power of God when we choose to obey and take life step by step with Him by our side. Join me in a study of the book of Esther as I share my testimony of how God transformed my life and perspective through the life of Esther. Videos for this study can be easily found on YouTube under the author’s name: Ishah Whipple.

rare kindThe Rare Kind is the testimony of my journey with Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia which was originally diagnosed in 2016. Join me as I share the details of my ups and downs as well as the impact of the disease on my family and my very heart and mind. Follow along with the lessons God taught me as He led me to the epic CALL that would change the very course of my life.



LadyWhipp Chronicles is a compilation of some of my DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILfirst inspiring blogs.  Something you can read randomly for a dose of real life inspiration one the days you need it the most. For all those woosah moments, pick this book up and take a moment to be reminded that you are never alone. Available in print and e-book formats on Amazon.


Nuggets From the HeartWritten by Rosie Williams, Nuggets from the Heart will fill any reader with stories of inspiration and encouragement. They are stories that were written on Rosie’s heart by the Father during various challenging seasons of her life. These are the “Nuggets” which have been collected by Rosie to share with others.



Not By My Own is one woman’s remarkable story inspired by John 5:30 which starts with, “I can do nothing on my own.”  Throughout this book you will see the challenges Devereaux faces as she fights to become free from the bondage of abuse and generational curses.




Unraveling the Layers is a collection of powerful stories written by women from all walks of life. You’ll discover how each of these women healed from situations, experiences and circumstances that others would deem unbearable with grace, gratitude and love.




There’s a Jewel in You is designed to help the young mother discover the power of resiliency and realize that she still has a purpose in life despite being a teenage mom. Did you also believe the lie that your life was over once you got pregnant? Devereaux did for a moment, but God!



Life’s Journey and Back Again is a compilation of real life stories lived by my mother, Wanda Santiago-Gregg.  Be inspired as Wanda shares her stories as she is an imperfect daughter of a very Perfect King.





Laughter Filled Lessons: Some lessons are to be laughed at and others won’t be so funny. Either way, you can learn from each of them. Come along with Theresa for 21 days and learn a thing or two on how God can use your children to teach you many lessons about who He is and what He desires from you. All are welcome whether you are a first time parent or a true legend of parental greatness.


Life’s Events: Theresa invites you to take a journey with her through the different events of her life. Some views have changed over the years but this is all to show growth in the life of a normal human being who strives for greater daily. May you be encouraged to the very same thing for yourself.