He is Jehovah Nissi, I am Secure

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Jehovah Nissi, the Lord our Banner. When I think of banners, I think of big signs used to attract attention to a place or business, a sign used to honor or celebrate a person or occasion, anything that demands focus and attention to whatever is written on it.  They’re unmistakable and demand to be seen.

In speaking of God being our Banner, I’m reminded of the Israelites when they went into war against the Amalekites in Exodus 17:8-16.

In this passage God shows Himself strong through Moses as our Banner, the One who goes before us in victory.

I like to think of it as a parade. I grew up in New York City where we have the Macy’s Parade every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Before any of the bands move forward, there is always a banner to introduce who they are and where they’re from.  That’s what God does for us, His children.

Regardless of what we go through, whether good or bad, God is always there to be our Banner and show the world Whose we are and where we come from.

On the good days, His banner displays the One who blessed us with what we have and where our joy comes from.

On the bad days, His banner goes before us in declaration of His strength, limitless power and our secured victory.

On that day in the battlefield with the Israelites and the Amalekites, the Lord showed Himself as their Banner through Moses. As long as Moses held the rod of God steady, their victory was a sure thing. When Moses grew tired and lowered his hands, the Amalekites began to overtake them. The moment Aaron and Hur stepped in to help hold Moses’ hands up, Joshua and the Israelites were able to defeat the Amalekites.

You see, God is our Banner in the good and bad times.  We just have to stay focused on Him.  When things are good, we have to acknowledge that those good seasons are because of God. When things are hard and we grow weary, we have to remember that God is our Banner and goes before us to pave the way and bring victory. We have to constantly be reminded that we cannot do things in our own strength. It is God who empowers us to conquer our battles.

My prayer for us this week is that we will ask God to show Himself strong as our Banner. That whether we’re in a good season or a trying season, we will allow God to be the Banner that goes before us to show the world what He’s capable of.  That we will look to God for strength and help in times where we feel exhausted and unable to stand on our own. That we will remember where our help and our blessings come from.

I pray our lives bring honor to the Banner living within us. That people will see our lives and know there is something different about us. My prayer is that God will shine so brightly through us that His Banner attracts all people not to us and what we can do, but to God and all He can do in and through them if they’ll let Him.

I pray that we will be careful to surround ourselves with people that will help to remind us of how limitless our God is. People who will pray with and for us to help hold our arms up when we’re tired and can’t do it for ourselves.  I pray that we will be walking billboards for God in all we do, wherever we go.

Because God is our Banner, we can bring Him glory in our good times.

Because God is our Banner, we can be encouraged and claim the victory on our lowest, most exhausting days.

Because God is Jehovah Nissi, our Banner:

We are victorious,

We are covered,

We are encouraged,

We are secure,

Our lives bring Him glory, and,


Until next week,

Be Blessed!


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