He Cares..

This evening I came home from work with a mind full from work.  I took some time to talk to my kids and ask them how their day went and one by one they went down the line of every detail they could remember.  Probably one of the times I look forward to most in my day apart from simply seeing my family.

As the kids got themselves showered and changed for bed, my oldest son came back to tell me about how his substitute teacher had an emotional breakdown during the class.  He chuckled and acted like she was being ultra sensitive to something so small.

I let him finish telling the story and then took the time to explain that it was probably the last straw for her after weeks of dealing with various classes that had been misbehaving for weeks with this poor substitute.

He didn’t fully get what I was trying to teach him, so I stopped trying to explain it and I took time to pray with him.  We prayed for his teacher as well as the students.  That God would comfort her and give her strength and also that God would teach the students to respect and love everyone they come into contact with because they never know what’s happening in their lives.

When the prayer was over I explained that no one ever knows what people are going through behind closed doors and that “small thing” could truly be what brings them to their breaking point.

So many of us are going through things that no one knows about.  We smile and act the part because we’re ashamed or simply want to look the part, but we’re really fighting some real battles behind the scenes.

Tonight as you check in to your nightly routine I want to speak a word of encouragement over you.  Better yet, I want to remind us all of something.

As you tuck your kids in tonight to then cry as you stay up late cleaning..

As you sit up in bed with tears in your eyes or even angrily wondering what’s gone wrong in your marriage…

As you lay on your side choking down tears so your spouse doesn’t hear you cry yourself to sleep yet another night..

As you go to your hiding spot to find those pills that will help you feel numb enough to sleep through the night so you can forget about your troubles..

As you sneak that one good drink so you can look past the fact that you’re surrounded by so many, but feel so alone and unloved..

As you spend another night battling thoughts of depression, anger, suicide, and insecurity….

Know and understand this.


He sees every tear

He hears every prayer...even the silent ones

He feels every pain..you know, the ones that make you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest…the ones you swallow back down to avoid giving into the truth.

He’s not ignoring you, I promise. He’s molding you.

He’s not trying to make you give up, He’s strengthening you.

He’s not trying to kill you, He’s trying to birth something in you.

It’s through nights like these that God shows us what He’s placed in us. 

So press through..

Cry it out..

Scream if you have to..

Write, pray, and/or listen to some worship..

Read the Word or listen to some Word on your phone..

Allow it to break you to your core so God can make you..

God sees you…He hears you….He feels every pain and hears every silent prayer through your tears…

Most of all…

He Cares.

Until next time,

I pray a sweet, peaceful sleep.

Be Blessed


18 thoughts on “He Cares..

  1. Tara Florance Adams says:

    I worked as a substitute & teacher prior to being pregnant and it is not for the easily angered or faint hearted. Even the best of the best have their breaking point and students don’t always understand. It’s great you prayed with your son and talked to him about it. He may not fully understand but he hears you and will remember that moment. Thankfully God cares. The simplest things, as you mentioned can push someone that’s fed up to an edge.

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    • LadyWhipp says:

      Amen. I worked on a special needs bus for a school district for a while and it really opened my eyes to the other side of that world. I’m grateful God gave me that understanding and connection with those drivers and teachers.

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  2. Jessica says:

    So true. Last night my five year old son was feeling sad. He said Mama, why doesn’t God help me feel better when I pray to him? I just told him that he can hear you and he is working on it when we least expect it. We may not understand it yet. It was really hard for me to answer that. In all honesty. It broke my heart.

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    • LadyWhipp says:

      It breaks my heart to read this, but you gave the right answer. We never want to see our children going through. I’m praying for you and your little one. That God works it all out and brings you both peace ❤


  3. joleisa says:

    This really touched me tonight. I am a teacher by profession. And I had to step away from it all. There was just too much stress. I felt bad every day for shouting at kids, losing my cool, even hate some of them. I put it to God and left. The bills need paying, but I tell Hime that He will have to sort it.
    Thankfully, there are parents like you who will take the time to explain to kids that we are human too.
    It’s not easy to be locked in a room with so many kids, most of whom are disrespectful, swearing, refusing instructions, shouting etc.
    God heard my cries at nights, and He rescued me.
    Thanks for sharing this piece.

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    • LadyWhipp says:

      Yes ma’am, of course. I thank you for giving of yourself to our children even when they don’t appreciate it. You’re in my prayers ❤


  4. Kristi McAllister says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that we have no idea of what other people are going through. Most of the time, we don’t know their story, and they don’t know ours. I’ve never been a teacher, but I imagine it’s not an easy job and you know how unkind some children can be. I’m glad you tried explaining it to your son. Sounds like she was having a hard time.


  5. christartist says:

    amazing how your words speak right into my soul. I just wrote a blog called depression journal, trying to share my heart that breaks, is breaking, is broken, and how I cry out to God for help. I get things in the night that are poems of my heart crying out. i never know if someone gets it. until i read something like this. thank you for understanding! bless you!

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    • LadyWhipp says:

      Yes..tjamk you for understanding me as well. When I write, for the most part I write from my own hearts flow as well. It’s how I find my healing and strength.


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