The In-between

In-between. Being situated somewhere between two extremes or recognized categories. Intermediate.

As of the new year, my husband and I have been in an in-between state.  We made some decisions that placed us once again in that space where we’re not sure the next step God has for us, yet we’re sure going back is not His will or an option.

The thing about this in-between space is that unless you’re rooted and focused on God first and foremost, you can get lost.

A lot of people get lost during this time.

We have our high times where God speaks to us daily and through so many people and we feel amazing.  We get so excited about the promises and strive daily to get closer to that finish line, but we always seem to take one step forward and two steps back.

That’s our first extreme.  David gets anointed King, Moses gets the word of the promised land, Abraham and Sarah are told they will bear a child.  We all have those high moments.  But what happens when the noise dies down, people get tired of waiting for the curtain to open and everyone walks away leaving us all alone?

What happens in that space when we feel like we’ve been abandoned and we begin to wonder if any of it was real? The in-between place.

That’s where we’ve been.  That place where we don’t know our left from our right. Where God is taking us in this foreign land, or even what we’re doing in this present day.

I’ve had plenty of mornings where I woke up asking God, What’s next?  Feeling complacent and a bit curious. He gives me the same answer each time but the difference between this time and the many in-between times before is that I have grown to be quite okay with it.

His answer, you ask? Just enjoy the process.  I’ve got something big coming.

You see, nothing big comes without a process. When movies are made, yes there are actors who come and act out each scene, but when the scenes are done being recorded, those actors are in that in-between stage.  They’re not filming. They simply go back to their lives until the technical crew finishes the editing process in preparation for the final cut that will be seen on premiere night.

That’s where we’re at.  The only difference is instead of a movie being edited, God is taking the time to edit and mold us so we can be ready for the premiere

You see, this dreaded in-between stage is in fact the most important part of our lives.  Our premiere night means nothing if the scenes weren’t edited and formatted for perfection.  Just like our lives and our ministries.

God has greatness that He has instilled within us, but unless we go through the process, we won’t be ready for the premiere showing.  We can’t skimp on the process and expect to sell out in the box office.  That would just make us bootlegs.

Today I’m praying for everyone in the process.  I’m praying strength, wisdom, peace, and a sound mind.  The process is never easy, but man, it is SO WORTH IT!

You’ll have days where you won’t know your left from your right, but as long as you know Who to look up to, you’re all good.

Stay focused, choose peace, stay at God’s feet, don’t get lost, and most of all…enjoy it! Why? Because God’s got some great things in store for you and if you let Him, He’ll plan the best premiere this world has ever seen!

Until next time, Be Blessed and enjoy the in-between!

8 thoughts on “The In-between

  1. Ashleigh Rich says:

    This is a great reminder for me as well! You do such a great job of describing that awkward in between place where we so often find ourselves. It’s so hard to trust and be patient in those times, but we know that God is at work. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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