Welcome to Heart’s Flow Blog!

Here is my safe haven to share my life, testimonies, lessons learned, and anything God lays on my heart to share.  I’m not a perfect Christian by ANY means. I have my flaws, BUT I strive daily to make better decisions than the day before.  I’m as transparent as I can be because it is in my transparency that I can be healed and reach others. No one wants to hear how perfect anyone is because reality is, it’s all fake!

I love to cook, try DIY’s (#nailedit), read and learn about God’s faithful word, and share the ups and downs of life through and through! I’m busy in more ways than one, but I try to give my best to everything I put my mind to.

I have a husband who’s my best friend, four CRAZY kids….well….I guess they get it honest! I live life to the fullest and try to live my BEST life! Whatever that entails for the moment!

So come on in! Take a look around and be encouraged as we walk this thing called life out together. Enjoy the recipes! Try the DIYs and projects! Be encouraged by the Word of God and refreshed knowing you are not alone! Feel free to message me anytime and be encouraged knowing you’re not alone. Be Blessed!


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